<h2>ATN Power Technology Co., LTD</h2> <h3>Company Name:</h3><p>ATN Power Technology Co., LTD</p> <h3>Tel:</h3><p>886-6-3560355</p> <h3>Fax:</h3><p>886-6-3560467</p> <h3>Email:</h3><p></p> <h3>Website:</h3><p>www.atn-power.com/en-index.html</p> <h3>Country:</h3><p>Taiwan</p> <h3>State:</h3><p></p> <h3>City:</h3><p>Tainan City</p> <h3>Zip/Postal Code:</h3><p></p> <h3>Address:</h3><p>1F., No. 8, Kai’an 6th St., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709, Taiwan (R.O.C.)</p> <h3>Main Product:</h3><p>Ion Source Controller power supply HIGH VOLTAGE POWER Supply DC power supply BP Pulse Bias Power Supplies Mid-Frequency Power Supplies Optical multilayer coating machine</p> <h3>Company Profile:</h3><p><p>ATN Power Technology Co., LTD. was found in 2014, and was established as ChenRui Industry to provide plasma power supply system, power circuit board, power supply maintenance, and R&amp;D automation equipment hardware and software; and it was renamed ATN Power Technology Co., LTD. in 2016. Until now, Taiwan's industrial technology requires a core to drive the semiconductor, optoelectronics, coatings, consumer electronics, and traditional production equipment; we refer it as the power supply or special power supply and most of power supplies on industrial equipment in Taiwan are all imported. Our customization approach develops new products to enhance core technology in Taiwan and upgrade Taiwan industry. Company invests equipment to improve research and development of quality and establishes the first factory plant to fit development needs. To strengthen and unify the management plan, efficiency, and quality of production line is the long-term development foundation. So far, in the face of technical side, we continue sustaining effort towards the development of innovative design and development of new technologies; and in the face of the market, we continue strengthening export capacity and the establishment of independent brands and steady growth.</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>News(Chinese)</strong></span></p> <p><a href="https://udn.com/news/story/7240/3602878" target="_blank">https://udn.com/news/story/7240/3602878</a></p></p>